What we do

Business growth through
brand and marketing

Brand and business development

Brand and business creation


A brand to create business growth

Brand and business development is the most strategic thing a business can do. We help you define your brand as well as value propositions to meaningful segments.  We work with you to align the organization to meet consumer needs.

Starting with the needs and drivers in the market, we create and articulate a brand promise and value propositions that engages customers, employees and society. Today and tomorrow.

There are many buzzwords in marketing, we know. We help you navigate through this and create crystal clear brand promise, positioning and values.

Make it happen and make it last.

We step in, so your business can step up

Do you need change management within strategic marketing or do you have a short-term leadership gap? We can step in and add value from day one.

We come in with our analytical and strategic approach, combined with creativity.


Transition leadership


Digital transformation

Digital trans-formation


Does your brand and marketing practice need an audit?

We evaluate your brand and marketing practice and point out improvement areas.

We challenge current strategy and execution, identify short- and longterm efficiencies and help you set priorities.

How to transform digitally and still stay focused on customer needs.

Learning that stays on

Through teaching and training, we create common marketing practices, implement tools and techniques across your company.

This is an important arena for knowledge sharing and mobilizes the entire organization to better meet customer needs.

Strategic and practical modules:

  • For marketers and non-marketers
  • For top management and marketing professionals
  • Modules that meet YOUR needs

Brand Academy​

Brand Academy​


Create effective advertising

Create effective advertising


50% waste?

We help you develop effective creative solutions starting by defining what you need to communicate and understand the key insights.

We help you write the brief and choose the winning ideas. If needed, we find the right creative agency for your needs.

From a strategic perspective, we give advice on media and channel planning, how to get the message across and have the right mix of digital marketing and storytelling.

From powerpoint to reality

Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing people.

Do you often find yourself saying “we have this wonderful strategy, but department x, y and z are not getting it”?

Growth comes when the whole organization is aligned. This is a critical area and we help you drive the marketing agenda across the organization.

Deliver across the organization​

Deliver across the organization​


Employer Branding

Employer Branding


Get the right people on the bus

We help you define an employer branding message to fit your brand and internal culture.

We also help you identify, define and develop the employer journey and create campaigns to build your employer brand.

Show on the outside who you are on the inside

Show on the outside who you are on the inside.

Reputation can build or destroy your business. We know you agree – but do you know how to manage your reputation?

We help you understand drivers and barriers of reputation and plan actions to improve.

Develop systems, routines and content to stand out.

Corporate brand - Business to society marketing

Corporate brand - Business to society marketing