What we do

Leadership, Company Culture, Brand and Marketing – we help you get it right to grow your business.

Effective leadership

Effective leadership


In our fast-changing world, leadership has never been more important

We have experience in developing large organizations through many a perfect storm.  Customer obsession is a key driver for transformational change. With a clear focus on company culture, and engaging communicative leadership, business growth follows. 


We help you through the process and give you the no bullshit version of effective leadership.

We help you create a brand that is based on true customer needs, that captures your uniqueness and stand out in the market

Together with you, we create crystal clear brand promise, positioning, values and help make this come alive in design, advertising and communication.


We work with you to mobilize the organization to meet consumer needs.


There are many buzzwords in marketing, we know. We help you navigate through this.  Brand is strategic business!

A Brand to Create Business Growth

A Brand to Create Business Growth


Transition leadership and coaching

Transition leadership and coaching


We step in, so your business can step up

Do you need change management, or do you have a short-term leadership gap? Maybe your leaders need coaching from someone who has seen it before?  We can step in and add value from day one. We come in with our communicative, analytical and strategic approach, combined with creativity.

Learning that stays on

Through teaching and training, we create common practices, implement tools and techniques across your company.


This is an important arena for knowledge sharing and aligns the entire organization to better meet customer needs in a disruptive world.


We tailor make training to meet YOUR needs, whether that is a 1-day course or monthly modules.

Leadership and Brand Academy

Leadership and Brand Academy


Create effective advertising

Create effective advertising


50% waste?

Effective advertising is not a coincidence, but a result of the right strategic approach.  We help you develop effective creative solutions starting by defining your communication needs and understand the key insights that unlock growth.

We help you write the brief and choose the winning ideas. If needed, we find the right creative agency for your needs.

Get the right people on board.

We help you create your employer branding strategy, positioning and message to fit your brand and intended culture.

Employer Branding

Employeer Branding


Make your company purpose matter

Make your company purpose matter in a way that creates magic


The right company purpose will lead you into the future.  We help you define and operationalize your future vision.

Our belief

  • Business is built around understanding people

  • Creativity and passion make you succeed

  • Communication is a powerful tool when mastered – also in leadership.

  • Brand and marketing is not complicated, but it is serious strategic business

  • Strategy is worthless without execution

How we work

We create efficient and fun processes

You brief us and we suggest a tailor-made process

We align insights, strategy and actions

We bring in passion and fun

We really work with you, so that the value stays on

Make it happen and make it last.

Let's work

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